Admissions Primary School

Admissions information and procedure

Dutch International Primary & Secondary Schools are state funded and therefore have to comply to regulations on admission of students.

Students between the ages of 4 and 11 years old can qualify for placement if one of the following conditions applies*:

1) The student has a non-Dutch nationality (or: also a non-Dutch nationality) and has a parent that is working in The Netherlands (or in a Dutch border region) for a limited time.
2) The student has the Dutch nationality and has lived and gone to school abroad for at least two years because a parent was stationed abroad.
3) The student has the Dutch nationality and has a parent (with whom the student will be living) that will be stationed abroad within two years and for at least two years.  This is to be proven by a written statement of the parent’s employer.

For Dutch International Primary Schools these rules are to be found in the Primary Schools Act (Wet Primair Onderwijs), article 40, paragraph 10.

As the pupils come from all over the world and many different educational systems, class sizes are kept small to allow teachers to better meet the needs of a wide range of abilities within the classroom. The policy of IPSAlmere is to place students according to their age. The first six weeks are regarded as an evaluation period.

If you have interest in placement, please fill in our Inquiry Form.