The IPSAlmere is a diverse, international community of students, parents and educators, forging covenants in learning and teaching for the success of all learners. Therefore it fully believes and commits itself to integrate individual diversity and cultures.

The Dutch government provides funding for the school, including the IPSAlmere, and therefore the school is required to conform to Dutch law. IPSAlmere is part of Dutch International Primary Schools, DIPS, in The Netherlands and a member of the European Council of International Schools (ECIS).

School buildings

IPSAlmere occupies two buildings. The whole Dutch Department, our Early Years classes and Years 1,4,5,6 and the Dutch classroom are found in Letterland’s main building. Year 2 and Year 3 are located in ‘Het Rijm’ building, situated next to the main building.

Personal goals

Our school works with personal goals which are in line with the International Primary Curriculum. Instead of focusing on rules and things that students should not do, we prefer to focus on the qualities we wish to help our students develop. The following qualities are valued in our school:

1. Thoughtfulness

2. Morality

3. Cooperation

4. Communication

5. Adaptability

6. Resilience

7. Respect

Developing positive behaviour

Developing positive behaviour is an essential part of learning about being a member of a family, school and community. Learning is a continuous process that requires guidance, coaching and support to reward appropriate behaviour and change inappropriate behaviour. Working together, parents and teachers support students to learn about behaviour and self-discipline according to their age and stage of development.