Admission to our school is with the expectation that your child completes the given school year. If a child must leave during the school year, four weeks notice should be given in writing. Please be aware that students are only permitted to transfer to another school located in The Netherlands following a main holiday period. The refund is only applicable if your child started before 1 October 2018. Should your family relocate during the school year (1 August till 31 July) and after settlement of all school fees, the refund given is as follows:

Leaving between Refund*
By the October holiday   60%
By the December holiday  40%
By the February holiday  20%


Should you be leaving the Netherlands, please fill in the Exit form and return this to the School Business Manager. In addition, we request a letter from your child’s new school (on school letterhead) indicating that your child is enrolled.

Exit form