Our Team


                        Staff 2020-2021


 Early Years

 Ms. Andrea


 Year 1A

 Ms. Rachel


 Year 1B

 Ms. Mary-Anne


 Year 2A

 Ms. Mary-Kate

Ms. Loray

 Year 2B

 Ms. Annelise


 Year 3A

 Ms. Kate

 Ms. Karin and Ms. Louise

 Year 3B

 Ms. Sonya

 Ms. Charlotte

Year 3C

 Ms. Jasmine

 Ms. Rocio

 Year 4A

 Ms. Tyla


 Year 4B

 Mr. Liam


 Year 5A

 Ms. Simona


 Year 5B

 Mr. James

 Year 6A

 Mr. Paolo


 Year 6B

 Ms. Bree

Ms. Kylie and Ms. Michelle

 Specialist Teaching Staff



 Dutch as an additional Language Teacher (DAL)

 Ms. Trudy


 English as an additional Language Teacher (EAL)

 Ms. Louise


 Music Teacher

 Ms. Anika (Tue - Thur)


 Physical Education Teacher

 Ms. Joandy


 Learning Support Specialist Teacher

 Ms. Charlotte (Mon, Tue, Thur)


 Support Staff



 Cover Teachers  Ms. Mary-Anne

 Ms. Rocio

 Teaching Assistant Early Years

 Ms. Louise


 Teaching Assistant Year 1

 Ms. Daria


 Teaching Assistant Year 2

 Ms. Lotte  Ms. Daniela
 Teaching Assistant Year 3

 Ms. Cristina


 Teaching Assistent Year 4

 Ms. Laura  

 Learning Support Teacher Year 4 - 6

 Ms. Kylie (Mon, Fri)  

 Library / Resource Support

 Ms. Connie



 Mr. Stojan


 Leadership Team    

 School Business Manager

 Ms. Christine


 Deputy Head

 Ms. Inge ( Mon, Tue, Thur)


 Deputy Head

 Ms. Lorna


 Head of School

 Ms. Erin (Mon, Tue, Thur)